ARES Engineering Services, LLC provides structural engineering services related to the design of various facilities and structures in the public, commercial, multi-family residential, mixed use, and government sectors. With over 20 years’ experience in the building construction industry, ARES is capable of addressing your engineering needs with timely precision.

Our skilled professional staff is familiar with BIM and CAD and capable of delivering your project in the format you need.

From concept to close-out our staff remains dedicated to the successful completion of every project. On a typical building design project we provide contract documents, bidding services, and construction administration services. For building assessments we begin with gathering accurate information upon which we conduct our study with our efforts culminating in a final report.


The building construction industry demands high quality in a short timeframe and only the most adept professionals can consistently provide reliable services while remaining focused on constructible and efficient designs that minimize issues during construction. We utilize the latest technology and methodologies, where practicable, which enables us to deliver accurate information in the format that you need. BIM is ever more prevalent each year and ARES keeps up with the increasing expectations for modeling content and information for coordination throughout design and construction.

While accuracy is important we recognize that the information presented must be usable. Efficient use of layouts, details, labels, and notes allow us to provide the information where it is needed without the need to sift endlessly through unnecessary data. The result is a better product. Reliability, accuracy, and responsiveness are the hallmarks upon which ARES Engineering Services, LLC has built its reputation.


ARES offers a full suite of structural engineering services from assessments to construction management for the design and construction of facilities and infrastructure.

  • Structural analysis and drafting for concrete, masonry, steel, and wood framed structures
  • Building Assessments and Analysis
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Construction Administration
  • Emergency Response

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